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Conquer Your Goals in 2017

Conquer Your Goals in 2017

2017 is finally here, and with it, many people made their “New Year’s Resolutions” at the beginning of the year. Well, today we are already near the end of February, according to statistics, most of these resolutions will have already been broken …

How is your 2017 looking? Have you kept with your resolutions? Or are you like most people who prefer not to make resolutions because over the years they have had the experience of not meeting their goals and prefer not to continue to disappoint themselves?

But in most of us, there is that spark that drives us to want to be better and have a better life. Dates such as January 1, help us to “start from scratch” in different areas of our lives. But if we do not use them effectively, we will only achieve frustration and create obstacles in our path of evolution.

It is vital for us as intelligent human beings to feel that we evolve in some form, regardless of whether this progress is small or great. The secret of happiness is to feel like we are better than before. That is why at the beginning of the year, we were greatly moved by the idea of a new cycle, clean and ready to be filled with our magic.

The desire to change, to improve, to progress, to TRANSFORM is innate in all of us, and it is very exciting when we have the opportunity to improve on something, start a new project, build something that excites us or simply modify some behavior or situation of Life that bothers us and brings us negativity.

Now, let’s not confuse “change” with “transformation”. They are totally different! Everyone always says they are “making changes in their lives,” but that is automatic and inevitable! Change is inevitable, every day we change, for better or for worse. The climate is constantly changing and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. The economy also changes and we cannot do anything to prevent that from happening.

Look at the difference between CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION:

Change: Our body gets older and complacent over the years.

Transformation: Our body loses fat, increases muscle, we have more energy, we see ourselves as more radiant, etc.

In this example, you have the power to transform yourself by following the correct instructions and using the tools that will help you achieve this.

Another change: The economy changes, there are shortages of jobs and everything is more difficult. Or the economy improves and there are more jobs and money from investors. But you cannot change any of this if you do not decide to follow a path of TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation: You begin to save, even if it is a very small percentage. You learn to use the power of compound interest in investments and finances, you begin to build a modest and diversified portfolio of investments. These tools, even if you think you have no money, will give you much more money than you think! By just quitting that coffee at Starbucks every day, you’ll have greater financial security than you can imagine.

As you see, everything is in having the knowledge of the tools you need, and a transformation strategy in every area of your life.

The first thing is to make a plan and to follow it to the letter at the same time that you keep yourself inspired (or) and motivated (or) constantly not to abandon it. Therefore, it is important to review our strategies, and preferably, to work with someone who can guide you and keep you on the right track.

Remember: the change is automatic but progress is not.

Your New Year’s resolutions can not only be something you “expect to happen” but something you decide and nourish with passion and intensity, through the right and constant emotions and thoughts. If not, you’re just making a wish list, not a list of GOALS.

If you decide that what you have proposed is VITAL for you, and that “you will burn your ships” so you do not have where to return to if you do not, the result is certain.

Want to know why most people do not achieve their goals and purposes? Because they write them without the burning desire to achieve them. They only “try” and “hope” that they can achieve them, but without too much passion so that they are “not disappointed if they do not succeed.” This is the perfect formula for failure!

It pains me deeply to see how many people give up their dreams. So many people reach the end of the year and they become frustrated and saddened to see that their life continues the same and they lose the hopes of permanently changing something in their lives and finally conquer their deserved happiness.

That is why I have decided to launch a course on this subject, where I will teach you to effectively conquer your goals, your dreams and ultimately, happiness in your life.

This course will consist of 4 sessions per week and for everyone to have access to it, I will do it online, so that you can access it from anywhere in the world.

So do not forget to visit, where I will be, very soon announcing the dates and details of this course that can literally revolutionize your life!

See you soon!

May blessings and peace come your way.

Ricardo Chávez

©2017 Ricardo Chavez