FILM (Partial list)
“Budha’s Head” Lead Feature Film
"Se Habla Español” (English language film) Lead Feature Film
“Pretty Boy” (Winner in the Made in Miami Film F.) Lead Short Film
“The Brazilian Girl and the Dummy Cuban” Lead Short Film
“The Princesses” Lead NBC/Comcast
“Land of Kings” Special Appearance Telemundo/NBC
“Paradise Villa” Lead NBC/Comcast
TELEVISION (Partial list)
“Husband for Hire” Lead Telemundo/TV Globo
“The Single Dad Show” Lead Lifetime Channel
“The Oath” Lead Telemundo/NBC
“Sweet Secret” Lead Telemundo/NBC
“Land of Passions” Lead RTI-Telemundo
“Decisions” Lead RTI-Telemundo
“South Beach” Guest Star Paramount
“Prisoner” Series Regular RTI-Telemundo
“Everything Goes” Series Regular TV Globo/Telemundo
“Adventures in Time” Series Regular Televisa
“First Love at 1000 X Hour” Series Regular Televisa
“Embrace Me Tightly” Series Regular Televisa
“Three Women” Series Regular Televisa
“Betrayed Women” Series Regular Televisa
“Paths to Glory” Series Regular Televisa
“Agustin Lara’s Life” Series Regular Televisa
“Who Is The One Guilty?” Tony Casa Panza, Miami, USA
“Andres, There Comes the Train” Old Repudios Union Actor’s Home, Mexico City
“Hughie” Erie Smith El Hijo Del Cuervo Stage, Mexico City
“Meeting Hours” Robber Silvia Pinal Theatre, Mexico City
THEATRE (Partial list)
“The Visit of the Beast” Raul El Hijo Del Cuervo Stage, Mexico City
“How to Forget My Past” Gerard Hidalgo Theatre, Mexico City
“Zoo” Jerry I.S.S.T.E. Theatre, Mexico City
“Waiting for Godot” Vladimiro/EstragonI.S.S.T.E. Theatre, Mexico City
“Tito, the Little Elephant” Tijo the lizard Ecatepec Forum, Mexico City
“The Fiddler in the Roof” Chorus Manolo Fabregas Theatre, Mexico City
“The Loneliness Well” Gorgeous Fru-Fru Theatre, Mexico City
Telenovelas Hispania Best Soap Opera Actor 2016 Spain
APAE Awards Award for Philanthropism Miami, FL, USA
Black Reel Awards Best Supporting Actor Washington, DC, USA
Imagen Foundation Awards Best Lead Actor Los Angeles, CA, USA
AWARDS (Partial List)
Hollywood Film Critics Society Awards Best Supporting Actor Los Angeles, CA, USA
Latin Pride National Awards Best Actor of the Year Boston, USA
No Limits Hispanic Talent Awards Best Actor of the Year New York, USA
Fame Magazine Awards Outstanding Performance Miami, USA
Orchid USA Awards Best Actor of the Year Miami, USA
TRAINING (Partial list)
Standard American Accent - Kelly Reiter - Los Angeles, USA Stella Adler Technique - Actors Circle/Arthur Mendoza - Los Angeles, USA
The Art of Film Acting - Jeremiah Comey - Los Angeles, USA Ivana Chubbuck Technique - Ivana Chubbuck - Los Angeles, USA
Standard American Accent - Bob Corff - Los Angeles, USA Acting for Films in English - Julian Sedgwick - Mexico City
Acting/Voice/TV Acting Techniques/Body Language - Televisa Singing - Enrique Gordillo - Mexico City
Ballet Dancing - National Arts Institute - Mexico City Flamenco Dancing – Instituto Fernando Valdéz - México City
SPECIAL SKILLS (Partial list)
Idiomas: Inglés, Español y Portugués – Experto en Artes Marciales – Box – Espadas - Motociclismo – Cuchillos - Armas de Fuego - Bicicleta – Remo - Triatlón – Natación – Tiro con Arco - Volley Ball - Basket Ball – Futbol – Ballet – Tele-prompter - Apuntador. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese – Martial Arts Expert – Motorcycling – Firearms – Bicycle – Rowing – Triathlon – Ball Sports – Ballet – Japanese (Samurai) Swords – Archery - Boxing – Fencing – Baritone - Weight training – Voice Over – Tele-prompter – Audio-prompter – Salsa dancing. *Demo Reel available upon request or go to:

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